Heating Systems for Commercial and Industrial Premises

From heating system installations to maintenance and repairs, Industrial Heaters will ensure a first class service from start to finish.

Leading brands installed and maintained by our expert engineers ensure that you can be assured of quality and reliability.

Our services include:

  • Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Appliances
  • No Obligation Quotation
  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Fast Breakdown Response
  • Gas Safety Checks

Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Fired Boiler

We select the appropriate boiler from a wide range of manufacturers (eg. Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Potterton, Valliant).

Systems may vary in size from a single Combi heating system with a small number of radiators and providing hot water, to a cascade system of multiple boilers heating a large system.

Controls systems can be varied to suit the application. They can range from a simple thermostat and time clock, to a sophisticated BMS (Building management system).

System upgrades can be achieved by replaced oil boilers with new. This may include power flushing of systems, together with the addition of plate heat exchangers and dirt separators.

CR Remeha - Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Fired Boiler
Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Fired Boiler - Ideal

Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Fired Warm Air Unit Heaters


Unit heaters are designed to heat small, medium and large spaces with the added benefit that valuable floor space is not utilised.

Multiple units ensure even or targeted distribution of heat.

Wide range of applications e.g. Retail, vehicle workshops, storage, manufacturing.

Can be fitted with a standard axial fan or modified to include fresh air intake.

Options include; Stainless steel heat exchangers, vertical/horizontal louvres, management locked controls. 

Winterwarm heating solutions - Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Fired Warm Air Unit Heaters
Powrmatic Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Fired Warm Air Unit Heaters

Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Fired Warm Air Cabinet Heaters

Suitable for most types of industrial / commercial applications.

Large output range from 30kW to 590kW.

No high level access requirements for maintenance.

They can be modified from the standard form to include fresh air intakes with filtration and outlet air discharge ductwork.

Integral controllers fitted as standard.

Powrmatic - Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Fired Warm Air Cabinet Heaters
Industrial Heaters installation Gas (Natural and LPG) and Oil Fired Warm Air Cabinet Heaters

Gas (Natural and LPG) Radiant Heaters

Radiant tube heaters work in the same way as the sun, radiating heat downwards onto solid surfaces and people.

They can be used for localised heat, for example to heat a small work area within a large building, or to heat the entire building.

They do not heat the air also which makes them ideal for poorly insulated buildings, or exceptionally high ceilings.

Radiant heaters are very effective at heating areas with a high air change rate.

Gas (Natural and LPG) Radiant Heaters installed by Industrial Heaters
Gas (Natural and LPG) Radiant Heaters, Hampshire Dorset and South of England

Destratification Fans

Simple, quiet and very low maintenance.

Destratification fans are designed to be suspended at high level in the building.

Thermostatic control ensures that as the temperature at high level rises they automatically recirculate the warm air downwards.

As heat losses in the roof space are reduced so to are the fuel consumption rates of the heating system.

Four way louvres help to evenly diffuse the air downwards.

Powrmatic Destratification Fans installed by Industrial Heaters Hampshire, Dorset & South of England

Advice and Services

Industrial Heaters Ltd provide a comprehensive service, working with our customers to provide heating solutions that will work for you.

We work in all industrial and commercial premises.

Problem areas or routine maintenance, call 01590 623244 or email info@industrialheaterssouthern.co.uk to talk to our team.

ECA Heating Installations

Many new heating installations qualify for the governments E.C.A scheme. Click the link below to see how your cash flow can benefit.

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